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McGill's Has Granite Countertops

Beautiful, durable and easy to clean, granite countertops are a perfect addition to any home. McGill's Custom Countertops in Jacksonville FL will customize granite slab to fit any size kitchen.  We offer a variety of colors and styles to fit your decor! 

Check out our Solid Surface Countertops 

Solid surface countertops offer the beauty of granite and stone with a non-porous material. Solid surface countertops are easy to mold into just about any design. Because it is nonpourous, it is solid and durable. The lack of pores in the material promotes a clean, sanitary countertop, and scratches are easily removed. Ask McGIll's Custom Countertops about our amazing selection of Solid surface countertops!

Laminate Countertops Jacksonville FL

At McGill’s Custom Countertops, you can find many of the countertops that are available on the market today. In fact, our customers are constantly split for choice, but our knowledgeable professionals are always there to guide them and help them make the right decision.

Large Selection of Granite Look Countertops Jacksonville FL

You can start with our granite look countertops. After all, we are considered to be among the top dealers for granite look countertops in Jacksonville FL. Granite look countertops are a popular option, and they are known for their beauty. They are also popular for their durability and resistance to heat and scratches. 

We use top name brand laminates for our cabinet tops such as Formica, Wilsonart and Pionite. Granite look countertops are huge in home décor today. Before that, technology was not available to create full granite slabs in a laminate pattern.

Formica Countertops

Formica countertops are a great option. These countertops are also known as laminate countertops. They may not be as grand as granite countertops, but they are much more practical. They cost less and are easy to maintain. Plus, you can get them in a wide range of patterns and colors. In fact, you can get a Formica countertop that mimics the appearance of granite countertops. 

The new 180fx collection of cabinet tops from Formica is finally here! It imitates the accurate scale of a natural granite slab, and it is very unlike a repetitious pattern that you can see in conventional laminate. It has outstanding color variation, and you can tell that it is real granite with its veining. You can receive such exotic beauty with just a fraction of the true price by buying your cabinet tops from McGill’s Custom Counter Tops Inc.

Check out our range of Wilsonart Countertops too!

At McGill’s Custom Countertops, we also sell an exclusive range of Wilsonart Countertops. Wilsonart is a market leader in the business of countertops and their line of quartz, solid surface and Formica countertops have been known to set industry standards. 

You will find the Wilsonart High Definition Laminate countertop at McGill’s Custom Countertops. These countertops are all about surprise and new sleek designs that invite the fingertips. Intriguing every eye and delivering incredible wear-resistance, these custom laminate countertops can perform in the way you’d expect, dramatically multiplied.

Bring these luxury stone looks to your kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, cabinet tops or wherever you receive the motivation with McGill's Custom Counter Tops and our custom laminate countertops.

To explore the wide array of countertop options at McGill’s Custom Countertops, visit us at McGill’s Custom Countertops, 141 N. Myrtle Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32204. 

McGill's Custom Counter Tops has produced thousands of cabinet tops since 1986, and with all the new technologies in laminates, we expect to produce thousands more in the next 25 years! Call us today at 904-355-4354 to learn more information about our custom laminate countertops, granite look countertops, and cabinet tops in Jacksonville, FL!

We also manufacture and install countertops on request.

Our products include:

  • Custom Laminate Countertops
  • Granite Countertops
  • Solid Surface Countertops
  • Granite Look Countertops
  • Cabinet Tops
  • Formica Laminate Countertops
  • Wilsonart Laminate Countertops
  • Pionite Laminate Countertops
  • Kitchen Countertops
  • Bathroom Countertops
  • Bar Countertops
  • High Definition Laminate
  • Contractor And Builder Laminate Countertops

When looking for granite countertops in Jacksonville FL - look no further than McGill's!

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